How We Got Started

Rotoscoping is an animation technique used in all forms of animation. An animator traces over live-action footage, creating very simple and easy animation. Essentially, as animation fans, we are Rotoscopers: we aren’t creating the films, but we do go over every line and detail in our discussions, news articles, podcasts and posts. Hence, the Rotoscopers!

The Rotoscopers is the name for the collective group of animation addicts--it’s like our band name. We are obsessed with animation in all its forms, whether its 2D, CGI, stop-motion or anything else. So if you're an animation addict like us, then you're a Rotoscoper too!

We started a few years ago as a bunch of friends who just wanted to get together and talk about the animated films we loved. So we formed the Animation Addicts Podcast and the Rotoscopers were born. Since then, we've grown into a full-blown animation hub: the Internet's #1 place for animation, news, reviews, views, and interviews.